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He realizes that he lacks it. He understands hat for the summer that he doesnt have it, and so he looks outside himself for righteousness, and he wants to manifest practical righteousness in his own life. And what you should see from that example is that the call to repent comes from Christ as an imperative. Its a command that goes out to all men everywhere, "Repent." He called the rich young man to abandon his earthly priorities and follow Christ. Everything that he treasured, all that he loved, all of his priorities, Jesus says, "Youve got to cast all of that aside; youve got leave it behind and come, follow Me." No, true repentance true repentance wants to be delivered from sin. True repentance wants to be delivered form the pollution and power of sin in addition to being delivered from the penalty of sin. True repentance hates sin and desires righteousness.

If its a matter of a family relationship competing with your love for Christ, while we dont seek to turn people away from us in our human love, if they say if they come and say, "Its me or Christ," you get up and say, "Here, let me get the door for you as my final act of kindness to you, because I will not turn from Christ." And I just thank God that the Holy Spirit men's hat for summer gave me the presence of mind at that time to say, "Dad, no. No, no. Jesus Christ has changed my life, and I am not going back. It was not a premeditated response, but it was the mark, it was a sign of the true nature of my conversion. If he was going to tell me that I had to choose between him and Christ, there was no contest. Thats what Jesus says, "You cant love father mens hat types or mother more than Me, or youre not worthy of Me." Jesus doesnt take second place.

You better be careful with what you do with that argument about the Gospel of John, because in the four gospels, the four gospel writers do not quote Jesus as using the word "grace." Did Jesus, because He didnt use the word "grace," deny salvation by grace? Was He teaching salvation by works because He didnt use the word "grace?" Its foolishness. Its foolishness to pit Scripture against Scripture that way, to elevate one chapter, one verse, one book against all the others. Lets read the whole Bible and see what the whole Bible says. Now, can I call a time-out? Of course I can. You may not grant it, but Im going to call a time-out here. I want to put my pastors hat on for just a moment. I know and understand that most of ushanka hat you are here because you love Gods Word. Youre here because you have repented and believed in Christ.

Thats why you love the ministry of Grace to You; thats what brought you here is a love for Gods Word, which is the mark of a regenerate heart, someone whos truly come to salvation. And so, if youre one of those five percent - just picking a number; Im just making it up God orchestrated this you should view it this way: God orchestrated this entire conference for you to hear the gospel with clarity and to repent and to be saved. And if you come to judgment apart from Christ, how much will you be without excuse? But, O beloved, for those of you that have repented, rejoice in the gospel, rejoice in the fact that God has worked in your life in this way. Now, you see him discussing repentance in his epistles. Its not as prominent a theme in his epistles because hes writing to Christians; hes writing to churches.

Those rotten attitudes, the broken relationships, the other things that we fall into, understand that if Christ calls sinners to repent, how much more appropriate it is for you and me, as His people, to repent of our sins. If its inappropriate for a sinner to live in sin, how much more inappropriate is it for those of us that belong to Christ to have any known conscience sin tolerated within our midst? Charles Spurgeon said, "A Christian must never quit repenting, for I fear that he never quits sinning." Beloved, that is where we walk out this evening as repentant believers in Christ. We walk out in the themes of grace and mercy and faith and forgiveness of sin and hope of eternal life. We have not repented in vain. Christ has bestowed such abundant mercy on us, and He will never fail us.

He jumps up with his board and onto the top of the burger mount to "surf it." (In my image, when he gets to the bottom of the "burger wave," he turns around and nods, like "woah, dude.") Now white hat I have a combined image that connects the word surfeit ("surf it") with its meaning of "more than is needed." Remember, improve memory and you will also improve your communication power. More tools in the belt means more options for delivering your message with maximum impact for the intended audience and purpose. If you dont believe me that literally any word or fact can be learned this way I invite you to present your "stumpers" in the Comments section below, and Ill be happy to try Imagen my own hand (and brain) at them for you.
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